Region 3 Outback Alice Springs


Day Nine May 2
We board a small plane in Wagga Wagga in the morning bound for Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. This dry rugged area of red soil and remote vistas is home to one of the best regions in the world to spot flocks of wild budgerigars! We should have time for a much deserved rest after days of searching for parrots at our accommodation in Alice Springs. Australian Ringneck parrots (28 parrot type) are a common sight even within the grounds of our hotel! Overnight in Alice Springs.

Day Ten May 3
Up early we join local bird guide Mark Carter from the Alice Springs area and head to some of the best water holes and other prime locations in the area. We hope to encounter flocks of Budgies and Cockatiels and with some good luck our first Red-tailed Black-Cockatoos. We should also get looks at Mulga Parrots and perhaps some views of the pastel colored little Bourke's parrot. Overnight in Alice Springs


Day Eleven May 4
We'll hit the road early as we will join up with Mark again to search for outback parrots. Rugged and dry looking, the countryside seems like an inhospitable place for birds of any kind, but we'll scan the red-colored vistas for more budgies and cockatiels.  With good fortune perhaps we'll even locate some Major Mitchell's Cockatoos! Overnight Alice Springs.

Target Species for Alice Springs Area
1 Commonly Seen
2 Highly probable sighting
3 Possible sighting

3 Major Mitchells Cockatoo
2 Cockatiel
2 Budgrigar
1 Australian Ringneck
2 Mulga Parrot
3 Bourke's Parrot