Region Four – Australia’s Top End


Day Eleven May 5
After a brief hunt for parrots in Buffalo Creek Park Darwin we trek towards world famous Kakadu National Park approximately 2hr away. Here we search for the fast flying Varied Lorikeet as well as the Red-collared version of Rainbow Lorikeet. As we head to the world famous Kakadu we may also encounter family groups of Red-tailed Black-cockatoos. We’ll board a river boat for a short aquatic scenic excursion to look for more parrots and the huge Salt Walter Crocodile that inhabits this remote region. Overnight at Mary River – Kakadu

Day Twelve May 6
A 2-hr. drive to Mt Bundy could yield more opportunities to view indigenous parrots plus some fascinating forests and scenery. We’ll keep on the lookout for more Varied Lorikeets and Northern Rosellas, the only Rosella found in this tropical region. We will also visit the spectacular Gunlom falls with fantastic vistas and perhaps more parrots. Overnight at Mount Bundey.

Maguk Gorge.jpg
By Tdc - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Day Thirteen May 7
Morning it’s off to Pine Creek, a 2 hr drive to search for the iridescent and stunning little Hooded Parrot. We'll search for Hooded parrots within the town boundaries of pine Creek where they can even be found in the local parks and gardens. Other fascinating birds to look for are Blue-winged Kookaburras which are only found in northern Australia.

Day Fourteen May 8
After a final look at Hooded Parrots we make the 2.5 hr. trip back to Darwin. Here we can take time to explore some of its spectacular beaches and parks, relax and search for more of its iconic birds! Overnight in Darwin

Day Fifteen May 9
After a farewell breakfast its time to say so long to everyone and the Land of Parrots
Flights home

Total Species for Region Four
1 Commonly Seen
2 Highly probable sighting
3 Possible sighting

2 Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
1 Red-collared Lorikeet
3 Varied Lorikeet
2 Red-winged Parrot
3 Cockatiel
2 Northern Rosella
2 Hooded Parrot