We support Parrot conservation in the wild through our association with World Parrot Trust.  A percentage of the tour cost is donated directly to WPT. Check out WPT's mission Statement below:

The World Parrot Trust (WPT) is a wildlife charity devoted exclusively to protecting parrots, one of the most threatened groups of birds on earth. Utilizing the expertise of leading biologists and bird welfare experts, WPT provides effective strategies to help threatened parrots to survive in the wild, and companion parrots to thrive in captivity. WPT works in partnership with local and international NGOs, scientific institutions, local communities, individuals and governments around the globe. It represents the most comprehensive effort of its kind and has aided 66 species in 42 countries since 1989.


OBPOrange-bellied Parrot Conservation
We have supported the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery project primarily through media creation.  Our short film on the OBP has been used to promote Orange-bellied Parrot Awareness.  Copies of the film have been distributed to Mark Holdsworth and the Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment in Tasmania. You can enjoy a short clip of the film here:

We also support the Save the Orange-bellied Parrot website with its well-known presence on facebook.

In 2012 we produced the film series Australia Discovery the World of Parrots.  This series has been distributed primarily through The World Parrot Trust. A significant portion of the proceeds of this film have gone directly to funding a variety of parrot conservation projects around the globe.

Why not send your own donation to World Parrot Trust and contribute to valuable conservation projects worldwide!


The series provides a window into the lives and behavior of almost all of Australia's parrots as they thrive in the wild  in the land down under.  You can preview the series here.

Purchase your own copy of the 4 DVD set here:



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