At Avian Discovery Tours our goal is simple.  To guide you on the birding trip of your dreams. We specialize in tours designed to provide you with optimum views of your favorite species, all the while sharing your adventures with a small group of others. We know first hand what a thrill it is to see birds you have only dreamed about for the very first time! We can hardly wait to guide you to some of our favorite locations where you can have your own once in a lifetime birding experience!

We provide you with comfortable means of transportation, great accommodation, and expert guides. We want you to come away totally thrilled by your time with us no matter where the birding destination.


Avian Discovery Tours was formed by Don Kimball, a life-long birder and wildlife researcher originally from New Brunswick, Canada. A contributor to the science of birds since the 1970’s, Don's early adventures include 17 years as a field research technician under contract with the Canadian Federal Government.

A seasoned traveler and videographer, in 2008/2009 Don traveled the length of Australia filming the continent's stunning and fascinating parrots. (Read about the adventure here) In 2010 Discovering the World of Parrots was released and is now currently being distributed by World Parrot Trust. https://www.parrots.org/ Over the years, Don has led group tours for Nature Canada and guided others to some of his favorite birding locations. Costa Rica and Australia are particular favorites.

A native Australian, Greg Little is the principal scientific consultant for General Flora and Fauna.  Throughout the years, Greg has provided in-depth biological assessment surveys of a variety of important and critical habitats potentially impacted from mining, rail construction, and power operations.  Greg has had years of experience as a bird guide, leading international travelers to specific locations around Australia helping to find that hard sought after species that has been on their dream list.

At home in the outback interior, Greg also has worked remote outback regions in conjunction with projects assisting local Aboriginal peoples. When time permits Greg and wife Judy can be found in the bush exploring the gorgeous Australian hinterland searching for new bird species.

This site contains some beautiful photographs by some very talented photographers who kindly gave permission for their useage. Many thanks to

Scott Carey

Keith & Judy Humphreys Keith & Judy Humpreys
Geoff Gates 

David Cook (Check out more of David's images)